Terrarium care instruction

Watering – check the soil once a week and water if the soil is dry. Use a spray bottle. Never overwater. It will kill the plants. Reduce watering during winter.

Location – place a bright spot but avoid a direct sun. Next to window is an ideal location. Provide fresh air regularly.



A terrarium is a collection of lush greens and plants in a glass vessel. The beautiful garden is eco-friendly and sustainable.  It is low maintenance and easy to care. Plus the terrarium will make a great display in indoor space. Send this miniature garden to your special one.

Each bouquet is unique and bespoke. The images above are to give an inspiration and example. Flowers and other materials will vary on orders due to seasonality. Leave it to our expertise to make the floral magic.

All orders must be placed by 12 pm for the same day delivery otherwise guaranteed to be on their doorstep the very next day. Please get in touch with us for special delivery request.


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